خانه / Pradyot Patnaik

Pradyot Patnaik

Pradyot Patnaik is currently Laboratory Director of Environmental and Analytical Chemistry Laboratory of Interstate Environmental Commission at State Island, New York and is associated with the research program of Center for Environmental Science of City University of New York at the College of Staten Island.

Handbook of Environmental Analysis

Handbook of Environmental Analysis

A reflection of the myriad changes in the field of environmental analysis and the emergence of many new classes of pollutants in recent years, the second edition of Handbook of Environmental Analysis: Chemical Pollutants in Air, Water, Soil, and Solid Wastes covers all aspects of environmental analysis. Completely revised and updated to include new analytical techniques as well as additional chemical structures and reactions, this second edition retains the features ― clarity of prose, pertinent examples, and authoritative coverage of a wide range of toxic pollutants ― that made the first edition a bestseller.

New and updated information in the Second Edition:

Chapters on emerging pollutants such as pharmaceuticals, household products, nonionic surfactants, steroids, hormones, flame-retardants, and plasticizers
Chapters on oxyhalides, glyphosate herbicides, oil and grease, disinfection by-products, and haloacetic acids
A chapter on radioactivity
Updated NIOSH methods on air analysis
Revised content on gas chromatography and mass spectrometry
US EPA and Standard Methods
The book provides information on an array of topics from instrumentations, analytical techniques, and sample preparations to statistical calculations, chemical structures, and equations. It includes information on many alternative analytical procedures, making this edition more informative and versatile than its predecessor. It presents the tools and techniques required to measure a wide range of toxic pollutants in our environment.

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